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How to Shop Online for Black Friday

Over the past few years, retail stores have started to offer sale items online at the advertised Black Friday Price on Thanksgiving morning. What this means is that you can get some of the items you want without having to leave the house. This tutorial will show you step by step instructions on how to take advantage of this feature.

Please note, not all items advertised will be available for purchase online. Thursday morning between midnight and 3 AM (depending on where you live), the prices will automatically adjust to the sale price.

For this example, the sale item is a Panasonic 42" Plasma HDTV, purchased at Circuit City. Select the images below to open up a new window with a larger image.
Select What Item You Would Like To Buy
Select a store from the list on your left. There are many items available for sale, which are listed by category. The description's highlighted in blue are direct links to sales items.
Once you have selected an item, a new screen will open. In this case, the page that opens is Circuit City's 42" Panasonic Plasma HDTV. Depending on your internet connection, it may take up to 10 seconds for this page to load.
Circuit City's Example Page
The price is crossed out because it is being offered at a sale price. Once you select "Add To Cart", the lower price will be visible. In the next screen, you will be able to see that this TV is on sale for $1099.99.
From this point, you have two options; you can select "Continue Shopping" or "Checkout". For this example, we will select "Checkout". 
Checkout Step 1
There are 3 steps to complete before checkout. The first step is entering your zip code. The purpose of this is to check if your item is available locally for pickup, or if you have to have it delivered. Simply enter you 5-digit zip code and select "go".
Next, you need to decide if you would like to pick up the item (if available) or have it delivered.
Pickup or Delivery option
If pickup is available, a list of stores in your area will be along the left hand side of the page. If not, it will not give you and option for pickup. In this case, pickup is an option and is selected by default. I will leave it selected and continue to the next step.
Step 2 is where you enter your credit card information. I have received numerous emails asking about internet shopping safety. Below are two examples of what you need to look for when shopping online. First is the "https" or "shttp" before the web address as seen in the example to the bottom left. The other is the "padlock" which will either be located at the end of the web address, or at the bottom right corner of you web browser.
Look for the https
Look for the Lock
These two security measures indicate that the retail store or "merchant" has an encrypted link. Another way to protect yourself, is to pay with a credit card vs. a debit card. Incorrect charges on a credit card can be disputed under many "zero liability" policies enforced by your credit card issuer. Be sure to check what those policies are with your credit card company.
Enter Credit Card Info
Select which credit card you would like to use. Be sure to also include the Card ID number that is located on the back of your card. It will be the last 3 digits. There will also be a location to enter your email address. If you are picking up your item, you will receive an email when it is ready to be picked up. If your item is being delivered, you will receive an email with tracking information. All that is left is step 3, you're almost a pro at this.
Step 3 is a chance to review your offer. With this example, your transaction has not been completed until after you have reviewed and accepted the purchase. Once you have accepted the purchase, you will move to a final page where you can print out your receipt.

Please be sure you only hit the "accept" button once. Selecting this option more than once can result in multiple transactions.

If you have further questions, please reference the Contact Us page. We will try to answer your questions as quickly as possible.